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Okay, so we’ve launched. And it’s been almost four months since we’ve expanded our services to clients outside of the 757. Emerge is worldwide! It’s been an amazing first quarter, and I haven’t regretted launching one bit. Even though it took forever to actually launch, now that I’ve put myself and my business out there, I cannot figure out a SINGLE reason why it took me so long—other than myself, of course. So I’m here today to encourage you.

DON’T WAIT. DON’T PROCRASTINATE ANOTHER DAY. Whatever you’ve been dreaming, thinking of every day, imagining, do it. Take the first step today. Do some research. Call a potential mentor. Start writing the book. Search your state corporation database to see if your business name is taken; if not, pay the small fee, and reserve it today. Go to and get your EIN number for your business for free. Open your business bank account. Start writing down the products or services you want to offer. Call the vendors that you think you may want to work with. Get your mind right. It’s as simple as that. Just start.

We all have dreams and visions, or at least at one time we all did. Have your dreams stopped? Has your passion been on pause? Well, I’m here to set your alarm and keep you from hitting the snooze button. WAKE UP. Wake up your ENTREPRENEUR or SMALL BUSINESS dreams, wake up your mind, wake up your habits, wake up your initiative.

Decide: is today going to be DAY ONE or another “one day…”?

Let me help you choose. Today is DAY ONE. Restart. Refresh. And guess what? if you don’t know exactly where to start, reach out and message me. I’m here to help. Sign up for a free virtual consult at Let’s have a quick convo and get you set up for success. It’s your journey, your path, your decision. But it is time for you to choose.

Choose YOU, your dreams, and make today DAY ONE.


A Dreamer who turned HER dreams into Reality

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