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We break down the complicated, hard to understand business concepts to simple, fresh, easy to understand principles that can be applied step by step for any existing or aspiring leader, entrepreneur or executive. We focus on serving underrepresented leaders in the local and global community.

Ever wondered how can you balance it all? Do you KNOW that there is a leader or entrepreneur inside of you? Feel like you always have great ideas or business concepts but continually put them on the back shelf? Well, your wait is over. 

EMERGE exists to be your accountability partner, biggest encourager, and resource provider. We can help you process your ideas, give you the tools to develop your business concepts and launch your vision into a reality on your terms in your own timing. We are here to help you map out the steps, and then hold you accountable to take them one at a time while making sure you find or keep balance in your overall life.

Our Mission

Equip, encourage and resource current and aspiring underrepresented leaders, entrepreneurs and executives to become the best at who they are and what they do.

Our Why

Because YOU matter. Your ideas matter. Your leadership and business development matters.

Our How

Your One-Stop Shop to Resource, Develop and EMERGE, specializing in leadership development, entrepreneur wellness coaching, and business development. 

Our Chief Strategist

Hi there. I’m Nicole, Chief Strategist for Emerge Enterprises, LLC. I’ve been mentoring, coaching and resourcing people just like you for over ten years. But what has always astounded me is that I could never find a one-stop shop for all of my entrepreneurial needs. So, I decided to create that unique space for both you and me – a space to help current and aspiring entrepreneurs organize their thoughts and push their "business" vision to become a reality.

Emerge is a call to action for the underrepresented leader who is tired of being stuck and is ready to engage full speed ahead. I’m what you call a galvanizer, an igniter of sorts. My job is to listen to you, help you sort out your entrepreneurial dreams, light a path for you, and keep you accountable at the same time. It’s your job to stay connected, put in the work, apply the tools provided, and find the right balance for you and your developing business. 

It’s my passion to see your dreams fulfilled while helping you achieve wholeness as an entrepreneur. Life is a balancing act, and it can get pretty tough at times trying to juggle the responsibilities of family, work, travel, wellness, volunteering, and the list goes on and on. It’s time to stop procrastinating and take control of your entrepreneurial future today.

You Dream. I Care. We Connect. We Create. You EMERGE. 

Nicole 2018.jpeg
Nicole Francisco Bailey, MBA 
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