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Your One-Stop Shop to Entrepreneur Wholeness



We break down the complicated, hard to understand business concepts to simple, fresh, easy to understand principles that can be applied step by step for any existing or aspiring leader, entrepreneur or executive. We focus on serving underrepresented leaders in the local and global community.

Ever wondered how can you balance it all? Do you KNOW that there is a leader or entrepreneur inside of you? Feel like you always have great ideas or business concepts but continually put them on the back shelf? Well, your wait is over. 



Check out the resource guides and e-books below for your continued entrepreneur & business development. Don’t forget to check back often as resources are constantly refreshed and added.


Lesley McClendon.jpeg

Emerge, LLC took us from a hobby to a business. The advice was given in a manner that the inexperienced can understand. If you know that you’re talented but just don’t have the time or know where to start to make your dream a reality, book Nicole for a strategy session today! 

Lesley McClendon

Managing Partner

 McClendon Media Group

Glen Guyton.jpeg

Not only will Nicole deliver great results that exceed your expectations, but through sound leadership, expert coaching, and amazing facilitation, she will help you become the best that you can be. I have known Nicole for years as a trusted advisor, friend, and source of inspiration. Her steady leadership and engaging persona have made her a sought after expert in the non-profit community. You can't go wrong with Nicole on your team.

Glen Guyton

Executive Director



Emerge Enterprises understands the challenges that small businesses face. Aspiring and underrepresented small business entrepreneurs and leaders wear many hats when trying to get a business off the ground and sometimes need a roadmap for sustainable business growth. Emerge Enterprises has the integrity, experience and proven track record in assisting small businesses in the areas of business growth development and leadership/coaching to elevate small businesses striving for long term sustainability and wealth building success.

Cathy Williams

Business Diversity and Government Administration Manager

Ferguson Enterprises, LLC


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